About Life In Color Foundation

We believe all children deserve a bright future. We believe all children deserve a chance - no matter the circumstances they were born into. We believe investing in children now creates future opportunity for all. We believe that only together we can make a difference.
Life In Color Foundation (LIC) was established to support initiatives directly benefiting children and families in need. Based in Bellevue, Washington, LIC was established by Thomas Cheng, father of three girls. He was inspired by his love of children and his mother’s wish before she passed to support children in need. LIC collaborates and partners with other charities and non-profits that share the same mission.

To learn more about LIC’s initiatives visit www.lifeincolorfoundation.org

How can we help?

Charity For Education

We are a child based and community focused. We believe when children are educated, their opportunities are endless.

Charity For Health

Many children suffer from health problems because of lack of funds or resources. Every child should be able to have access for their basic human needs including healthcare, water, food and shelter. Sick children and parents of sick children deserve access to excellent medical care and top notch treatments.


It is up to us as community to come together and care for children who are hurting. Whether a child and family is hurting due to basic needs not being met or being victims of abuse or violence, we should all make the world’s children a priority and help mend hurting hearts.

Why Choose Us?

Life In Color supports children through fundraising, educating and advocating for children in the US and around the world. Every child’s life is important and every person who serves or volunteers for the foundation is appreciated. We love people support our causes and the well-being of all children.

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When the community comes together we can change just about anything - Thomas Cheng, Found of Life In Color.