The Perfect Call Every Time

Voice Assistant Solution, by CanadaDirect, seamlessly integrates the accuracy of technology with the cognitive ability of human intelligence to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Advanced Technology Meets The Call Center

Voice Assistant Solution enhances the existing contact center solution like no other technology has before. Our experts create a compilation of sound files based on your current script. The sound files are recorded using “best representative” techniques, such a zealous tone of voice, positive energy and clarity of speech.

The sound files are recorded using “best representative” techniques such a zealous tone of voice, positive energy and clarity of speech.
Once all sound files are loaded onto the Voice Assistant Solution, representative’s interact with customers by keyboard. This level of sophistication guides the operator to deploy appropriate corresponding responses and rebuttals.
By using the VAS technology, you will deliver a clear and consistent message on each and every call, creating a stronger customer experience. Voice Assistant Solution can manage the calls in real time and deliver measurable results.

Building Better Relationships with
Customers Through:

Practice Makes Perfect!

“Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” ~ Voskamp

In-depth Campaign and Product Training

Understand Responses and Rebuttals

Real life simulation

Frequent Testing

How we Perfect the Call

We listen to hundreds of live and pre-recorded calls

We extract the similarities that representatives perform to                  achieve successful results

We assemble key messages and adapt the message from                         live scripts to the Voice Assistant Solution System

Test the campaign and adjust as required

Improved Results

Increased SPH and Conversion Rates

Reduced Cost per Acquisition

Representative s never skip disclaimers

Scalable Operations

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