7 Reasons to Outsource your Contact Center Solutions

To outsource or not to outsource that is the question.
Whether ’tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of building in house,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
By outsourcing your contact center solutions

Once you have had a chance to digest the question, run a cost benefit analysis, you will find that 9 times out of 10, contact center outsourcing is the most effective business decision. The reasons can be outlined in 7 points.

1) Re-focuses on your core business

A cash output is not the only cost to consider. Do you have the adequate amount of staff who can take the focus off your core business to become an expert in a new one? Contact Centers require heavy human capital, management, control, and time to run effectively and be profitable.

Even if there is already an in house contact center, it’s still a good idea to outsource part of your campaign. Doing this allows you to benchmark your internal contact center to see how it performs next to an outsourced one.If your in-house contact center is not run efficiently it can end up bleeding cash.

It is worth using outsourced experts to drive more business for you, whether it be inbound or outbound. They will take on your campaign objectives and do everything possible to reach collective goals.

2) Reduce Costs

Outsourcing is less expensive than building an in house contact center. Contact Center set up requires a high infusion of capital and an ongoing stream of cash and non cash resources to function at an optimal level. Some of the set up costs include, but are not limited to, IT costs, including computers, networking, licensing, headsets etc, labour costs, operational cost as well as renovation costs to transform a space into a contact center.

When you run a cost benefit analysis you should consider adding an additional 15% to your overall costs. Why? Because things never go 100% as planned. Investing in a contact center is sort of like renovating a house, it always takes longer than you expected and comes in over budget. Most of the time outsourcing will require less up front capital and will not require as much of your internal resources or affect your cash flow.

3) Scale

A good contact center has the ability to adapt quickly to increased call volumes from month to month or year to year. Outsourced Contact Centers should have the ability to ramp up quickly when call volume increase in a short period of time through scheduling. The re-deployment of resources allows contact centers to maintain their costs and not increase them. Choosing a contact center that has multiple locations is a great way to increase the number of seats if necessary.

4) Technology

Outsourced contact centers invest heavily in the latest technology and updates that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. This technology needs to fulfill multiple contact center needs and allow for a tailored customer care approach. The technology also needs to be flexible enough to offer multi-channel services such as email, web chat in addition to the traditional inbound and outbound calling. Outsourced contact centers have multiple campaigns and clients; therefore they invest in technology that can serve multiple functions.

5) Security

Handling sensitive data such as credit card information is big concern for any organization which may lead you to believe that having an in-house contact center can help eliminate this uneasiness. The best way to outsourcing contact center solutions and making sure your customers’ data is protected is to go with a vendor who is PCI Compliant – Level 1 Certified. Contact Centers that are PCI Complaint Level 1 go through an expensive and rigorous process to become certified and are re-evaluated every year. By going with a PCI level 1 contact center you can rest assured that your customer’s data is being handled in a way that adheres to this certification.

6) Quality and Control

Contact Centers have complex business models where details that seem insignificant can actually have a massive impact on a campaign call quality, sales and customer experience.

Whether you outsource or in-source, quality control checks are an essential part of the business. Meeting SLA requirements is part science and part art. In today’s market where many companies need to show short term results managers do not always have time to develop the expertise in house. Many contact centers invest in technology that lets them monitor SLA’s & call quality in order to identify any potential pitfalls.

Even if you have an in-house contact center, benchmarking with an external one can help you compare performance and re-evaluate your objectives. It also allows you to see where your team is succeeding and where improvements can be made.

7) Drive your business forward

A good outsourced contact center wants to propel your business forward. Their expertise can eliminate the growing pains of contact center execution. Building positive relationships and being end customer focused improves your business. Different contact centers have different strengths. Not all outsources are created equal so go with a leader in the field who has the expertise you need to move forward. When you factor into the equation the complexities of contact center solutions, outsourcing with the right partner can be an effective way to get your business objectives met without breaking the budget. Outsourcing your Contact Center Solutions can be an ideal way to deal with today’s businesses challenges. A good Outsourced Contact Center is not just a contact center but a trusted partner that will work with you to get the results you are looking for and they use many tools at their disposal to help you get there.

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