4 Things to Look for When Outsourcing your Contact Center Solutions

You ran your analysis and have come to the conclusion that outsourcing your contact center solutions is the best approach for your business. So what is the next step? Picking a partner to work with who can help you reach your business objectives.

When you do select your outsourced contact center solutions partner there are 4 key things to consider.

1) People and Partnerships

Finding a contact center that acts as an extension of your business can be developed by building trust. Onsite visits are recommended as it allows for the opportunity to interact with your potential partner, and to observe the facility and company culture. Look to see that the facility is clean and that employee safety, health and welfare are taken into account. Observe any interactions employees have during pep talks and training, as it can give you a glimpse into the company culture. The Contact Center atmosphere can have an impact on the success of your campaign, where a more positive environment can yield better results.

2) Technology and Security

Security concerns regarding your customer’s data and credit card information should be a very key concern. The good news is, outsourcing contact center solutions doesn’t mean your data is not safe. In order to have your data secure, you should work with a vendor who is PCI – DSS Level 1 Service Provider, as they are equipped to handle sensitive data. Take some time to speak to the IT managers, director and even the CIO and make them aware of any concerns you have. This will give them the opportunity to answer your questions and eliminate your concerns. It’s also important to note that the type of platform a contact center uses has an impact on the security of your end customer’s and the flexibility of your campaign.

3) Operational Activities

You want to pick a prospective partner who has the ability to manage your campaigns effectively and drive results. Having managers and representatives with knowledge in specific core competencies is needed in making your campaign a success. Ask how your perspective contact center partner trains representatives and the procedures they put in place to ensure good call quality. Developing in house talent at all levels is a critical component to developing competency and reach client objectives. You want to know that your potential partner has a set of process in place that will allow for a successful campaign.

4) Reporting and KPIS

“What you can’t measure, doesn’t exist” ~ Unknown

Luckily, in the contact center solution world, we can and do measure “it.” The first step when discussing KPI’s with a contact center is to have an open dialogue about what your campaign objectives are. Are they achievable and measurable? Is there a possibility to improve the campaign or reports? Whatever the case, having an open dialogue is key to building a long lasting relationship. Let your prospective partner know what you are measuring and they should let you know about standard KPIs in the industry. Find common ground by creating a reasonable set of KPIs based on your campaign objectives.

Asking the right questions in these 4 areas will facilitate the development of a trustworthy relationship with your contact center solution partner. Transparency on both ends will help you reach your business objectives. A partner that has taken the time to invest in these 4 elements is an asset to your campaign and will have the ability to drive you forward.

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